Red Disposable 1mil & 2mil Poly Plastic Food Service Aprons
Disposable Apron

Red Disposable 1mil & 2mil Poly Plastic Food Service Aprons

  • 1mil - 1000 Case: $75.95
  • 2mil - 500 Case: $72.95
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  • Product Code: 11-115Red-1mil-C2
  • In stock
  • In stock

A great way to protect your clothes from messy jobs without the hassle of having to store and wash them afterwards. They have numerous applications, and are useful for projects ranging from school lunch room food preparation, to makeup and hairstylists to arts and crafts. Disposable aprons are a favorite among food service staff, because they let them handle messy dishes without fear of ruining their uniforms that have to be worn each day. Disposable aprons are also water-resistant, so that if something gets splashed on you while you're wearing one, you don't have to walk around with a wet spot all day

Material: Polythelene
Size: 28" L x 46" W

Code: 11-115Red
  • 1mil Packed 1000 Aprons/Case, 10 bags of 100/Case
  • 2mil Packed 500 Aprons/Case, 5 bags of 100/Case
  • Measure 28"x46"
  • Disposable
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