Orange Smooth PVC Safety Cuff Gloves
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Orange Smooth PVC Safety Cuff Gloves

  • Dozen: $67.95
  • Case of 6 Dozen: $364.00
  • Product Code: 85-5365
  • In stock
  • In stock
Our Orange Smooth PVC Safety Cuff Gloves are dipped in PVC for the ultimate protection against chemicals and rough environments. They have a smooth PVC coated finish. Inside is a full insulated foam lining to protect hands from extreme cold environments. The Orange Smooth PVC  Safety  color keeps hands visible, ideal for Highway, Traffic and Warehouse users where safety is the #1 Concern. The Safety Cuff Style allows for maximum protection against dirt, oil and grim. Mens Size Large. One size fits all.
Material: PVC

Code: 85-5365-C2-P

  • Ideal for:
    Cold Weather
    Outdoor Construction
    Highway and Traffic
    Industrial Cleaning
    Garbage Removal
    Any job that needs protection from chemicals and spills.
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