Heavy Duty 22 mil 18" Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves

Heavy Duty 22 mil 18" Nitrile Gloves

  • Dozen: $84.95
  • 6 Dozen Case: $460.00
  • Product Code: 85-6435-MD-C2
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  • In stock

Our unsupported 100% green heavy duty nitrile gloves are 22 mil. They provide exceptional resistance to cuts, punctures and abrasions and feature a diamond pattern embossed palm for a firmer wet grip, generous sizing and curved fingers for better comfort. Contains No natural rubber proteins & will not cause allergic reactions. 18" in length for more protection. 

Material: 100% Nitrile

Code: 85-6435
  • These Gloves are Ideal For:
  • Chemical Handling and Oil Refining
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture
  • Printing Industry
  • Automotive Industry
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