Windsock Frame
Windsock Frame

Windsock Frame

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  • Product Code: WSHW-10-C39
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10" ..........$49.95
Note: Frame only, Windsocks are sold separately...CLICK HERE...

These windsock frames are constructed of heavy duty wire with sleeve and set collars. Zinc coated for weather protection. Rotate freely with on maintenance. This hardware is available for 10" and 18' diameter High Visibility Windsocks. Suitable for airports, heliports, traffic purposes and industry.

Code: WSHW-C39

  • Mounting Instructions: Place pipe collar or flange on 3/4" O.D. schedule 40 pipe and slide metal brackets of windsock frame over the pipe. Place the second collar or flange above frame. Pull windsock over the frame and align holes in windsock. Insert plastic ties(included with windsocks)or cord through the holes of the frame from inside of frame and then through holes in windsock.
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