Anti-Fatigue Shoe & Boot Insoles
Anti-Fatigue Boot & Shoe Insoles

Anti-Fatigue Shoe & Boot Insoles

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Anti-Fatigue Shoe & Boot Insoles are designed to provide all-day comfort in any casual or athletic shoe or work boot. They are firm, yet flexible, with shock-absorbing gel that softens the impact of each step to alleviate pain. Gel at heel and ball of foot provide additional cushioning and shock absorption. Each insole built innovative dual-layer VCT® (Variable Cushioning Technology), a micro-cellular, high-performance foam formulation which provides maximum cushioning and support. An ergonomic heel cradle and built-in arch support enhance the structure and stability of the foot to help relieve pain and prevent injuries. An anti-microbial top fabric also reduces heat and friction for longer-lasting comfort in any shoe. Soft, breathable fabric cover wicks away perspiration.

Material:  Dual-Layer VCT® (Variable Cushioning Technology)

SKU: 24-4102

  • Provides Maximum Cushioning and Support
  • Shock-absorbing Gel Technology
  • All-day Comfort While Walking or Standing
  • Total Contact Cushioning
  • Gel Cushion Eliminates Shock Impact of Heel Strikes
  • VCT® Cushioning Foam Top Layer Provides Extra Comfort
  • Ergonomically Molded Design with a Deep Heel Cup and Arch Support
  • high-performance foam
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