The Best Winter Gloves For Cold Weather Protection

As this article is being written, the temperature in International Falls, Minnesota is 38 degrees below zero. Parts of New York State are 10 below, and even down south in balmy Mobile, Alabama, the overnight low was just 28 degrees.

No matter where you live in the United States, winter can bring cold weather ranging from uncomfortable to downright dangerous. If you are working or playing outside for even a few minutes in these temperatures, it’s absolutely critical that you wear winter gloves specifically designed to protect your hands in brutal weather.

Different tasks and conditions may call for different styles of cold weather gloves. Here are the best cold weather and winter work gloves to get you through winter’s icy blast. Several of these styles are also perfect if you work year-round in a setting that mimics winter, such as walk-in freezers or other frigid workspaces.

Fleece-lined cotton gloves: For moderately cold weather and for a variety of tasks ranging from gardening to general outdoor work to manufacturing, fleece-lined cotton gloves are the perfect fit. A good cotton fleece glove has two layers of quilted fleece inside a cotton shell. Cold weather cotton gloves are ideal for tasks that require free movement for your hands.

Leather fleece-lined gloves: A fleece-lined leather glove is suitable for driving, warehouse work, utility work and more. Leather gloves offer more durability and protection compared to cotton gloves making them ideal for heavier tasks. A premium leather fleece glove may be made from deerskin, which is supple, warm and has the added quality of being waterproof. Deerskin does not stiffen when wet but stays soft, making it the perfect winter glove for cold and wet outdoor conditions.

Insulated leather palm work gloves: Leather palm work gloves that have an insulated lining are tough, durable and will keep your hands warm for an extended period of time. Made from heavy leather, this style of insulated work gloves will protect your hands in the harshest winter conditions. Insulated leather gloves are ideal for outdoor winter work and are available with a knitted wrist for additional protection from snow and ice.

Insulated leather freezer gloves: If your job requires you to work in cold storage or freezers, you know how quickly your skin can turn icy. Insulated leather freezer gloves are the answer. Made from heavy leather with a thermal lining and a knit wrist to keep out cold, ice and snow, this glove allows full range of motion and are ideal for working in frigid conditions.

Insulated nitrile-coated gloves: Working with oil or chemicals in cold weather is a common necessity. For this kind of hazardous work, insulated nitrile gloves fit the bill. Dipped twice in nitrile butyl rubber and featuring a thermal cotton lining, this style of glove offers protection against cold temperatures as well as potentially harmful substances. A rough finish provides the grip you require in slippery conditions.

Insulated rubber-coated gloves: In cold weather, handling glass, waste items or any wet objects can prove difficult. For these situations, an insulated, enhanced-grip rubber glove offers excellent protection while maintaining the grip and range of motion you require. A knit wrist and an insulated layer helps keep your hands warm and dry while you work safely with wet objects in cold temperatures.

Insulated PVC gloves: In harsh conditions, an insulated PVC glove with a thermal lining and a rough finish is another excellent choice. Perfect for working outdoors in bad weather, insulated PVC gloves are available in bright colors, such as orange, for high-visibility in poor working conditions. The rough finish provides a good grip for handling a wide range of materials.

No matter what task or job takes you outdoors in cold weather, good winter work gloves are a crucial part of your dress. In the worst conditions, it can take just a few minutes for hypothermia and frost bite to set in. Fortunately, choosing the correct cold weather glove is just a question of matching your activity to the right glove. You'll be glad you did!