Black Deerskin Leather Thinsulate Driver Gloves
Driver Gloves

Black Deerskin Leather Thinsulate Driver Gloves

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  • In stock

Our Best "PREMIUM" Leather Drivers Gloves with 100 Grams Thinsulate lining. These soft supple SMOOTH GRAIN LEATHER deerskin gloves are sewn from selected American white-tailed deerskins. Deerskin is the natural choice for the perfect material to make the most comfortable gloves. Deerskin is incredibly soft and, if you happen to get them wet, won't turn to cardboard like cowhide gloves will. Deerskin is also known for its toughness and protection. A great glove for the cold wet weather. You'll feel the quality as soon as you put them on and, being so comfortable, it makes wearing them feel like a true luxury but the price is very affordable for a glove this nice. They come with a shirred (elastic) wrist for a better fit. This pair of gloves is available in Men's Size M - XL. 

Material: Deerskin leather with Thinsulate lining. 

Code: 82-7085-P

  • Deerskin
  • 100 gram Thinsulate lining
  • Shirred wrist for a better fit
  • Glove is so incredibly soft
  • Super comfortable gloves
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